Using Home Heating Oil

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Using home heating oil

If your home is one of the 1.5 million that relies on oil fired heating, then you want to know that the heating oil you are using is safe, efficient and cost effective. We supply kerosene and premium kerosene to homes throughout the UK and Wales to keep homes heated, cookers burning and customers happy.

A safe heating solution

Kerosene has a high flash point, which means that the risk of it exploding is almost non existent. It also burns much more cleanly than other fuels, creating less harmful C02 emissions. Kerosene is incredibly safe when stored in a secure tank or used in a properly serviced boiler, which is why we encourage all customers to stay on top of their tank safety

Long lasting  

When kerosene is stored correctly, in a tank with no cracks or signs of leaking, it can last anywhere between two to five years. Premium kerosene, with it’s improved additives, can last indefinitely. Therefore, either product can be ordered in bulk and stored safely, which not only offers peace of mind that you won’t run out, but can mean potential savings on your home heating oil.

Reliable and efficient 

Kerosene produces more BTUs (British Thermal Units) than other sources of heating. Basically it uses less energy to create the same amount of heat. Home heating systems that run on kerosene are capable of heating a vast space at a very reasonable cost. In fact, kerosene has an efficiency rating of 90%, making it a sensible choice if you want to cut down on your oil fired heating bills.

Using heating oil FAQs

Kerosene is the most common heating oil, it has a slight yellow colour, burns cleanly and can be stored for two to five years. Premium kerosene has all the same features but is treated with a range of additives during the production process. These additives result in an even cleaner burning fuel which reduces sludge build up in tanks, leading to increased efficiency and an indefinite shelf life.

How long your heating oil lasts will vary according to how much you use. The number of rooms and occupants in a house will determine how much heating oil is used, as will what it is used for. Homes that use heating oil for cookers as well as for heating will use more. By recording the amounts on your fuel tank gauge regularly, you can build up an idea of how much heating oil you are using across a certain time frame to help you plan accordingly.

Kerosene is completely safe. As well as producing fewer fumes than other fossil fuels, it has a higher flashpoint, putting it at a much lower risk of exploding. If the fumes from kerosene are breathed in, they can cause nausea and dizziness so it should always be stored in a secure tank. Make sure your boiler maintenance is up to date too.

It absolutely is. Although it may cost a little more than standard kerosene, the additives in our premium kerosene help it to last longer and burn cleaner, making it better for the environment as well as your wallet. What’s more, it’ll also help to protect your heating system against the build-up of sludge or carbon, which is handy if you’re looking to improve your system or reduce your repair bills.

Electricity has an estimated efficiency level of 31%, and gas is rated at around 77%. In comparison, kerosene has an efficiency rating of 90%. It is also better for the environment and is the preferred choice for many people looking to switch to an off-grid heating solution.