14th Feb 2014

Adverse Weather Conditions this February

The backend of 2013 saw the UK hit by a concoction of rain, snow, freezing temperatures, and generally wet and cold weather.

It seems as if February is no different, with the recent stormy weather affecting many members of the population throughout the country.

Reports indicate that large amounts of people are without power, along with many commuters finding it extremely difficult to get to and from work. After the devastating flooding that occurred throughout December and January, homeowners are bracing themselves for more treacherous weather in February.

Although there isn’t an exact figure on the number of homes and businesses without power, experts have stated that it could be just over the 100,000 mark.

Strong winds, nearing 100mph have hit the country with gusto, bringing down trees, power-cables, causing havoc and devastation for many road users and pedestrians.

Here at, we strongly urge you to keep an eye on your heating oil tanks, ensuring that they are properly secured and sheltered. High winds and freezing temperatures could cause problems for heating oil users.

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