22nd Oct 2015

A guide to winter heating oil

Did you know that, on average, two thirds of a property’s annual heating oil consumption occurs between October and March? When you rely on off-grid fuel to warm your home, being prepared in advance of the cold snaps is essential. Here’s our guide to getting prepared for the upcoming winter. Preparing your tank Make the […]

27th Apr 2015

Android vs iOS

18th Dec 2014

Heating Your Home Through the Ages

These days, heating your home is as easy as flipping a switch. Whether operating on gas, oil, electricity, or renewable energy sources, these all offer effective solutions for ensuring you stay warm and comfortable. Due to the simple nature of heating, it’s quite easy to take it all for granted. Therefore, we thought we’d present […]

14th Nov 2014

Is it time to upgrade to an energy efficient boiler?

  With winter fast approaching, it’s important to ensure that your home is ready for an impromptu cold snap; with such sporadic weather, it’s difficult to tell when this may actually occur. With this in mind, upgrading your boiler to a more energy efficient one could be the best way to beat the winter blues. […]

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