14th Dec 2013

Beating the Big Freeze Over Christmas and the New Year

Britain is unpredictable when it comes to weather. Knowing what’s around the corner is sometimes impossible to find out and this kind of unpredictability can be detrimental, especially around the winter months. Forecasters have stated that towards the end of November and start of December, temperatures will drop below what’s normal for this time of year. With this in mind, it’s particularly important to keep stocked up on the essentials, especially heating oil.

To beat the big freeze, and ensure that elderly relatives are safe and warm this winter, this is your last chance to get your orders in on heating oil for Christmas delivery.

Preparation is key. It’s essential that you order enough heating oil to last throughout the whole of Christmas and the New Year too. Sometimes it’s easy to forget that elderly relatives might be alone throughout the New Year; preparing their heating oil stocks for the majority of January will allow you peace of mind.

Not only should you be looking after your relatives, you should also think about the protection of your heating oil too. Without this protection, you may find it’s not only your relatives who need warming up over the winter, but you too!

Along with keeping your heating oil well stocked, there are other precautions that you can take to ensure you and your family aren’t left out in the cold this winter. Placing a room thermometer in the kitchen or hallway allows you to judge whether or not you should be increasing the heat.

You can also ensure that your appliances are working properly and are in good condition, especially boilers and heating oil tanks. Having a quick look over for anything out of the ordinary, such as liquid escaping or funny noises, means that you can address the issue immediately before waiting for something more serious to happen.

It’s also important to protect your heating oil from thieves. You can be as prepared as possible for keeping warm this winter, but if a thief takes an opportune moment, then you may find that Christmas and the New Year aren’t as enjoyable as you may like.

You can take many measures to ensure that your heating oil supplies are protected from prying eyes. Install an oil monitoring system, such as Watchman Anywhere; disguise your heating oil tank; install CCTV; and make sure that you keep gates closed and locked, where possible.

So, order now from to ensure delivery for Christmas and the New Year and don’t be caught out in the cold!

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