22nd Oct 2015

A guide to winter heating oil

Did you know that, on average, two thirds of a property’s annual heating oil consumption occurs between October and March? When you rely on off-grid fuel to warm your home, being prepared in advance of the cold snaps is essential. Here’s our guide to getting prepared for the upcoming winter. Preparing your tank Make the […]

7th Oct 2015

Oil prices to fall further?

Analysts at US Investment Bank Goldman Sachs predict that oil will fall to a $20 low…   Click on the following link to read the associated article: Goldman Sachs prediction  

7th Sep 2015

Heating oil now ‘fuel of choice’ for households

  With the price of crude oil recently reaching a six-year low since 2009, using oil (kerosene) for heating is no longer the fuel option selected as a matter of necessity, it’s now the fuel of choice whether households are connected to the mains gas supply or not.    Although the price of oil is […]

6th Jul 2015

Fossil Fuels Will Save the World

Not only is heating oil currently the cheapest fuel for home heating, the finite lifespan of crude oil is possibly not as likely as many scientists would like us to believe.That’s according to one wise academic who documents his thoughts in this interesting article in the Wall Street Journal to view the article click on […]

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