9th Aug 2019

How does water get into an oil tank?

It’s not always easy to tell if water has entered your heating oil tank, and so you might only realise this has happened if your boiler starts playing up. Unfortunately, water can be damaging to your fuel tank and your heating system, so it’s important to keep tabs on this and to take action if […]

9th Aug 2019

How do you bleed an oil boiler?

In many ways, oil boilers are very similar to gas boilers. There are however important differences, including the fact that unlike gas appliances, oil boilers can run out of fuel. If this happens, air may get trapped in the fuel line, stopping the appliance from working. If you have an oil boiler and you want […]

9th Aug 2019

What’s the difference between paraffin and kerosene?

When you’ve been looking for heating oil, the chances are you’ve come across the terms paraffin and kerosene. But what exactly do they refer to and what is the difference between them? Here, we take a look at the meaning of these words and how they differ, and reveal whether you can use paraffin instead […]

19th Jul 2019

How much is heating oil per litre?

Oil boilers can be a cost effective heating solution, but exactly how much can you expect to pay to run one of these appliances? Here, we take a look at the price of heating oil and the factors that impact on this, as well as how much fuel a typical boiler uses. We also examine […]

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