13th Aug 2013

Don’t Run Out of Heating Oil – Top Six Tips

Conserving your heating oil is essential as you don’t want to run out when the cold weather creeps in, so below is a list of the top six tips to help you get the most out of your heating oil supplies.


This is such a simple and effective way of easing the strain on your heating oil levels. Ensure that your home is properly insulated, especially the roof area, as this will allow less heat to escape. Your insulation will be doing a good enough job for you.

Preventing draughts is another easy way of keeping the cold out and the heat in. Place draught excluders at the base of your doors, and ensure that all windows are properly sealed, as this can often be overlooked.

Updating your boiler and heating controls

If you can’t remember how long you’ve had your boiler for, then it’s probably time to change it. It will be particularly annoying when the cold weather creeps in and then your boiler decides to break down.

It’s a much more efficient and sensible idea to replace your boiler at a more convenient time of year. They’ll be less demand from people having their boilers replaced, so you should be able to get it done quickly.

Renewing your boiler ensures that you have a modern and up to date piece of equipment. Upgrading to a modern oil-condensing boiler, which condenses excess vapours released, makes sure that you’re not wasting any important energy.

This goes hand-in-hand with your heating controls too, such as a thermostat. Old-fashioned thermostats aren’t accurate, so you could be wasting energy without even realising it.

Turn your thermostat down

Now you’ve replaced your old heating controls, you can easily see the exact temperature to which your home is being heated. Turning this down, even just by a few degrees, can help in reducing the amount of heating oil that you use.

Servicing regularly

Replacing your boiler can sometimes be an expensive task, but you’ll definitely reap the benefits. However, without regular servicing and looking-after, your boiler might not run as smoothly as you may like. Having it professionally serviced at least once a year will ensure that any problems can be dealt with sooner rather than later.

Check for warning signs

Along with professional servicing, you can also check for any signs that might suggest something is amiss. If you notice any strange noises, changes in appearance, or water leaks, then these could all be things that need addressing.

It’s better to catch them early so that the damage to your boiler is lessened, and carbon monoxide leaks are avoided.

Buy an oil-monitoring device

This sounds like such a simple idea, but many people who have their own personal supplies of heating oil ignore the fact that by investing in an oil-monitoring device, they could be saving a lot of money each year.

Certain devices, such as ‘Watchman Anywhere’, allow you to set a limit of when and how often you wish to be notified about your heating oil levels. This means that you won’t buy when you don’t need to, and is also a great way to prevent theft of your heating oil supplies.

Alongside this, ensure that you don’t overfill your tank; unnecessary spillages could mean that you waste money and energy.


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