30th Apr 2014

How to Look After Your Heating Oil During Flooding

This month, we’ve been focusing on the dramatic weather conditions that have been affecting the country, informing you on the best ways to stay safe and utilize your heating oil.

Due to the amount of flooding that many people have experienced, some homeowners and heating oil users have noticed an increase in the water inside their tanks.

Having water inside your tank can be dangerous, especially during the winter months, as it can freeze within the pipe, causing blockages that could result in a stoppage in your heating oil supply.

However, even if your frozen pipes defrost, you’re then left with water on the surface of your oil, which can result in performance issues.

So where does this water come from in the first place? Generally, problems occur from condensation within your heating oil tank and rainwater entering gaps and broken seals on the tank.

To make sure that rainwater doesn’t enter the tank, consistently checking it for breaks in the seals or gaps is essential.

Here at, we would strongly suggest having your tank inspected by an OFTEC professional on a regular basis. You can see for yourself if your tank is in good condition or not, but having the confirmation of an expert will give you peace of mind.

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