4th Aug 2014

Keep Tank Savvy this Summer

Whilst the sun is out and we have been blessed with great weather this summer we suggest to all our customers to find the time to run some checks on their oil tank. You should be on the lookout for any cracks as these can lead to heating oil spillages.

Heating Oil tank leaks and spillages

Leaks are a pain for any homeowner and we realise just how easy it can be to forget about your tank when it’s out of sight in the garden, but a leak can mean a cost expense to you. Not only will this be damaging for your wallet but a spillage can be harmful to the environment – particularly if the spillage runs into a stream or river as this can pollute a variety of creatures.

In order to keep your tank going strong OFTEC recommend keeping your tank on a solid base and free of plants. Also if your tank is over 20 years old they recommend replacement. If you are unsure of what to look for or want to make sure that your tank is safely securing your home heating oil you should have your tank checked each year by a trained technician.

It can be a very frustrating discovery if your tank has leakage problems in the winter months when your heating oil is in more demand, so next time you are in the garden enjoying the summer weather why not take a few minutes to run a quick check? Make sure you check the tank and pipes and book a tank technician to give it a full once over, that way your home heating oil will remain secure.

*If you do locate a leak or spillage you should report this directly to the Environment Agency.

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