Gas Oil

What is gas oil?8-Product_GasOil

Gas oil, commonly known as red diesel, is used to fuel various forms of transport – including tractors, trains and construction vehicles – as well as to run home heating systems. Containing a red dye that distinguishes it from white diesel, it carries a much lower import duty, which in turn makes it a cost effective option compared to other fuel types.

Improper storage of gas oil can lead to problems that could affect your heating system. To avoid things like sludge forming in your tank, be sure to store your gas oil in a plastic tank – and not an older, metal option.

Benefits of gas oil

One of the main benefits of using gas oil is that it is traditionally much cheaper than standard diesel, and indeed other energy sources available in today’s market. That said however, don’t be fooled into thinking you can use red diesel in anything other than your heating system, as this is illegal and could lead to a hefty fine.


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