Buying a Second-Hand Oil Tank for Your Home: Things to Consider

Buying a Second-Hand Domestic Oil Tank: Things to Consider

A heating oil tank is a critical component of your heating system. However, like any equipment, these tanks have a finite lifespan and will need replacing or upgrading at some point. When it’s time to replace your oil tank, you may wonder whether to invest in a brand-new one or a bunded oil tank second hand.

Discover the pros and cons of buying second-hand oil tanks to determine if it’s the right choice for you.

The Pros of Second Hand Oil Tanks

1. Cost-Effective Solution

One of the most significant advantages of purchasing a second-hand heating oil tank is the potential cost savings. Brand-new oil tanks can initially be quite expensive, and opting for a used tank can be a budget-friendly alternative. By choosing a used oil tank, you can redirect your savings towards other household needs. Or you can even invest in energy-efficient upgrades to your heating system, including Premium Kerosene.

2. Eco-Friendly Option

The decision to purchase a second-hand domestic oil tank also has environmental benefits. By recycling and reusing existing tanks, you contribute to the reduction of waste and the conservation of resources. Manufacturing new oil tanks consumes raw materials and energy, which contribute to environmental pollution and resource depletion. Therefore, choosing a second-hand oil tank is a responsible step toward sustainability.

3. Great Availability

Second-hand oil tanks are readily available in the market, as many homeowners upgrade their heating systems or switch to alternative energy sources. Whether you require a tank of a particular size, material, or configuration, the availability of second-hand options accommodates various preferences.

Take a look at the various types of oil tanks that are also available second-hand.

The Cons of Second-Hand Heating Oil Tanks

1. Age and Wear

The most significant concern with second-hand oil tanks is their age and potential wear and tear. Older heating oil tanks may have corrosion, rust, or other structural issues that can lead to leaks or spills. These problems can not only be costly to repair but also pose environmental hazards.

Luckily, our OFTEC-registered engineers can provide reliable heating oil tank maintenance services, keeping your tank in tip-top condition. Additionally, our experts will carry out visual tank inspections when delivering your fuel.

2. Limited Warranty and Lifespan

When you purchase a brand-new oil tank, it often comes with a manufacturer’s warranty that can extend for several years. In contrast, second-hand oil tanks typically come without or with limited warranties. This means you’ll be responsible for any repairs or replacements, even if problems arise shortly after your purchase. Moreover, used tanks may have a shorter remaining lifespan compared to a new tank, so you may end up needing to replace it sooner.

At, all of our fuel storage tanks come with a ten-year warranty. Contact us to find out more.

3. Uncertain History

When you buy a used heating oil tank, you may not have all the information about its history. Ideally, you should know whether the oil tank was well maintained, underwent regular inspections, or had any past issues. This lack of transparency can be a risk factor when choosing a second-hand heating oil tank.

4. Compliance with Regulations

Regulations and standards for oil tanks may have changed since the manufacturing of the second-hand tank you’re considering. Ensuring that a second-hand oil tank complies with current regulations and safety standards is crucial. Retrofitting or upgrading may be necessary, adding to the expense.

For more guidance, read our oil tank safety recommendations and advice.

5. Hidden Costs

When purchasing a second-hand domestic oil tank, you should factor in potential hidden costs. These costs may include transportation, installation, the need for any necessary upgrades or repairs, and more. These additional costs can quickly add up and even offset the initial savings.

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