Heating Oil Delivery Near Me in the South East

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South East


FAQs about heating oil in the South East

The cost of domestic oil can vary slightly in different locations due to factors like supply and demand or to local competition. For example, Heating oil prices in Oxfordshire will differ to the heating oil prices in Kent. However, you can rest assured knowing that we will always deliver the best available prices to our customers for their specific location.

The most important factor when buying domestic oil is the quality. Using a higher quality fuel will result in increased efficiency meaning your heating oil will likely last longer and cost less over time.

When you get a heating oil delivery, your driver should give your heating oil tank a quick visual inspection. It’s also a good idea to conduct regular tank checks yourself to look out for any cracks or leaks.

Having a safe and secure oil tank not only minimises the risk of expensive clean ups, but a well-cared for tank will provide increased fuel efficiency.

All homes will use different amounts of heating oil according to their circumstances. Houses with oil-fired cookers as well as heating systems will use more heating oil, as will homes with more occupants.
On average, 1,700 litres of heating oil can last up to one year. The gauge on your heating oil tank will tell you how much heating oil you have left so you can plan ahead for your next delivery.

How often you choose to order heating oil is entirely up to you. Deliveries start at 500 litres, so you may wish to order a smaller amount and manage your usage and your budget, or you may decide to order a bulk quantity and plan ahead.

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