Delivering Heating Oil in Suffolk, Cambridge & East England

Our wide network of local distribution depots means that costs can be kept low and deliveries can be made quickly for total peace of mind. Simply click on the dropdown menu arrow below and select your region.

East England


FAQs about Heating Oil in East England

We can deliver to all homes relying on oil-fired heating in the East of England. So, if you live right by the coast in Southend-on-Sea, or in a bustling town like Basildon, we have a vehicle suitable for your location and delivery drivers who know your area well.

Heating oil prices don’t tend to change according to postcodes. For example, our heating oil Essex prices will be the same as our prices for heating oil in Cambridgeshire. Wider reasons like the climate or world events are more likely to impact the price of heating oil near you. Whilst prices for heating oil can be cheaper during certain periods, we check prices regularly to make sure we offer our customers the very best deal all year round.
We offer our low heating oil prices in Colchester, Chelmsford, Cambridge, Ipswich, Norwich and all other locations across the East of England.

Kerosene and premium kerosene are both similar in many ways. They both burn quickly, meaning they can heat your home faster than some other fuels. Premium kerosene has extra additives included which reduce sludge build up in your heating oil tank, helping it to last longer and burn fuel more efficiently. These additives also mean premium kerosene burns more cleanly, reducing air pollution.

It’s always a good idea to give your tank the once over before your next top up of heating oil. Looking for any signs of cracks or rust can help eliminate future problems, as can checking for any leaks. When you receive your heating oil delivery, your delivery driver will also give your tank a quick visual inspection. Their checks are to ensure that they are delivering oil into a safe and secure tank.

Learn more about oil tank safety in our handy guide.