Heating Oil delivery for The West Midlands

Our wide network of local distribution depots means that costs can be kept low, deliveries can be made quickly for total peace of mind. Simply click on the dropdown menu arrow above and select your region.

West Midlands


The price of heating oil in the West Midlands changes often according to outside factors like political events or the weather. When you request a heating oil quote, we check for the best deals so that it doesn’t matter if you’re in Stourbridge or Solihull, you always get a competitive price for your kerosene or premium kerosene.

There’s no definite amount of heating oil any one household will need. Every home will be different and how many people live in your home will affect your heating oil bill. On average, 1,700 litres of heating oil can last up to one year. Your individual usage will obviously make this higher or lower, and it’s always a good idea to keep an eye on how much heating oil you use so you can plan ahead and organise your budget.

We deliver kerosene and premium kerosene to homes all over the West Midlands. All of our heating oil options are competitively priced and the highest quality. Kerosene and premium kerosene are both fast burning and vapour free, with premium kerosene also including specific additives which make it burn even cleaner. Our team will be happy to discuss which heating oil would be best for you, your home and your lifestyle. 

When placing an order, we will offer a delivery day that fits in with your existing commitments to make sure you are never without heating and a warm home. If you aren’t going to be in, providing we have clear access, our drivers can deliver your heating oil without you there for ultimate convenience.