Heating Oil delivery in London

Our wide network of local distribution depots means that costs can be kept low, deliveries can be made quickly for total peace of mind. Simply click on the dropdown menu arrow above and select your region.



Life in London can be busy, and you don’t want to wait around for deliveries. Alternatively, we can find a day that works around your commitments. If there is easy access to your tank, our drivers can top it up without you being at home and your metre will show the amount added so you know you have all the heating oil you need.

Many people do use heating oil to heat their business premises and some London businesses use it for non-road vehicles or machinery. There are certain regulations around this and so we always advise you to check what you can and can’t use domestic heating oil for.  You can only buy domestic heating oil here. If you would like to place a commercial order, please visit Business Fuel Supply & Management | Certas Energy.

How long heating oil lasts depends very much on how much you use. Some homeowners may use smaller amounts of heating oil, either because they are home for less of the time, or don’t have the heating on as often. Some homes have more people and therefore may use more heating. The gauge on your heating oil tank can show you how much heating oil you have used so you can stay on top of your heating oil bills. 

How you choose to manage your heating oil needs is entirely up to you. Many of our customers prefer regular deliveries to ensure they have a steady supply of heating oil and pay a similar amount each time. Other customers like to buy in large amounts during quieter times like summer, when prices may be lower.