Heating Oil delivery for West Wales

Thanks to our wide network of local distribution depots, heating oil prices in West Wales can be kept low and deliveries can be made swiftly for total peace of mind. Simply click on the dropdown menu arrow below and select your region.

West Wales


FAQs about heating oil deliveries in West Wales

The two most favoured types of heating oil in West Wales are kerosene and premium kerosene. Both fuels offer a clean burning and efficient alternative to other fuel sources and reach the required temperature in less time. The benefit of premium kerosene is the additives that help tanks to perform more efficiently and fuel to last longer. 

Our heating oil deliveries start at 500 litres. Homeowners preferring small, regular deliveries may choose this amount of fuel so they can pay for heating oil in smaller amounts throughout the year. Some heating oil tanks can hold up to 2,700 litres, so we can also deliver in larger quantities to anyone in West Wales wanting to fill their tank and prepare for the increased fuel use over winter.

Heating oil prices don’t tend to alter according to which part of West Wales you are in. If demand is particularly high, this can drive heating oil prices up across the country. Similarly, if fewer people want heating oil, then prices can be cheaper. Requesting the most up-to-date cost of heating oil will help you to find the best deal before you place your order.

When you place your order, we will arrange for our local drivers to deliver your heating oil on a day convenient to you.