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It always seems to be winter when your boiler breaks down. There aren’t many things we rely on as much as we do our hot water and central heating. If your oil fired heating system breaks you could be in for long cold nights and costly boiler repairs. Which is why it makes sense to stay on top of your boiler maintenance with regular boiler servicing. That’s where heatingoil.co.uk can help.

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Boiler Servicing FAQs

There are plenty of things you can do to help your boiler stay in good condition. Check the pressure gauge often to make sure the pressure is right throughout your home. You can also bleed your radiators if you feel the heating isn’t working as well; this releases any trapped air and helps radiators perform properly. Check the flame on your boiler has a strong blue flame and look for any drips or leaks from the overflow pipe. Having regular boiler services also helps to ensure your boiler is working efficiently.

An oil boiler service should take no more than two hours. All of our engineers are OFTEC registered and so you can be sure they are qualified to work on oil boilers and know exactly what to look for, making your oil boiler service quick and easy. When you book a boiler service, we arrange it for a time suitable to you.

An oil boiler service includes thorough checks of your oil boiler. Our engineers will look for any water ingress to the tank, which can cause soot deposits to build up. They will also check the electrodes and photocells for soot deposits and make sure that water hasn’t become frozen in the oil line. Your boiler engineer will clean the boiler including the trap and will change the nozzle.

If your boiler does break down and you need a repair, contact our team on sales@heatingoil.co.uk or you can enter an enquiry here. We can arrange a local OFTEC registered engineer near you, to come and assess your boiler. They can carry out any repair work if they have the right parts or arrange to come back as soon as possible to get your heating back up and running and your home warm again.

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