Heating Oil delivery for South Wales

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South Wales


As heating oil prices change often throughout the year, it’s difficult to predict what the price is going to be. Keeping an eye on market trends and economic conditions can help, but when looking for a price for kerosene or premium kerosene, the best way to get a great deal is to request an up-to-date and current cost. Your offer will always be the same no matter where in South Wales you live.  

If you’re looking for domestic heating oil in South Wales, you can find great deals and prices from heatingoil.co.uk. With a huge distribution network and delivery drivers who know South Wales well, we supply home heating oil, including kerosene and premium kerosene, to houses all over South Wales.  

With homes in South Wales using heating oil for different reasons, the amount you need will depend on what you use it for and how much you use. Generally speaking, 1,700 litres can last an average household up to a year. You can choose to have this delivered in one order or place smaller orders as and when you start to run out. 

Many homes in rural areas are off-grid and, as such, rely on other fuel sources. Heating oil can be a very cost-effective alternative as it burns quickly and cleanly. Kerosene and premium kerosene both produce more British Thermal Units (BTUs) than other energy sources. This means you need less kerosene to produce the same amount of heat.