1st Mar 2016

Heating oil prices: When’s the best time to buy?

One of the questions we are asked repeatedly is: when is the right time to buy heating oil? Of course, price is a big consideration when ordering your next supply, so what should you keep in mind? Is there a better time during the year? Or is it simply the luck of the draw? Prices […]

9th Dec 2015

Buy Oil NOW to stay warm this winter!

With unsettled winter weather upon us, is urging customers to think ahead this December and BUY NOW! With oil prices remaining comparably low now is the time to stock up on fuel so you can relax over the festive period and enjoy a warm, welcoming, stress-free start to the New Year. With studies* showing […]

22nd Oct 2015

A guide to winter heating oil

Did you know that, on average, two thirds of a property’s annual heating oil consumption occurs between October and March? When you rely on off-grid fuel to warm your home, being prepared in advance of the cold snaps is essential. Here’s our guide to getting prepared for the upcoming winter. Preparing your tank Make the […]

7th Oct 2015

Oil prices to fall further?

Analysts at US Investment Bank Goldman Sachs predict that oil will fall to a $20 low…   Click on the following link to read the associated article: Goldman Sachs prediction  

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