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If you are new to using or buying heating oil this section may help answer your questions. If you still need help and advice, visit our Contact section.

How Can We Help

Which Heating Oil?

Kerosene is the most common heating oil, and has a slight yellow colour. The other common variety is gas oil, which is dyed red to differentiate between the two. If your tank has a sight gauge then the colour will tell you which oil to order.

Premium kerosene contains additives that make it:

  • Cleaner burning
  • More environmentally friendly
  • Reduce CO2 emissions
  • Better for your boiler, by reducing the likelihood of a breakdown
  • Lessen tank deposits
  • A more efficient fuel
  • An improved heating system can reduce maintenance and breakdown costs


Simply use the instant quote form to compare heating oil prices and deals from our suppliers. Our heating oil prices are updated regularly, so you always get a competitive price.

To be able to fill your tank we need an idea of how much oil you will require, so you will need to estimate how many litres you need. Don’t worry if you over estimate. You will only pay for the fuel delivered. Refunds for fuel we are unable to deliver take place automatically.

To estimate how much oil you need take a look at your tank fuel gauge or through the sight tube. For those without either use a dip stick to estimate your fuel requirements. Most home tanks hold between 1,000 and 2,500 litres. Average orders are between 500-1,500 litres.

Approximate conversion:

Gallons   Litres
100   500
150   750
200   900
250   1100
300   1300
400   1800
500   2300
600   2700

Under the Weights and Measures Act, our suppliers are unable to dispense quantities below 500 litres.

Also delivering lots of small quantities is uneconomical. Minimum orders help us to give you competitive heating oil prices and are better for the environment too.

Our product offer includes standard and premium kerosene. Premium kerosene has a number of advantages over the standard product:

  • Lower carbon emissions
  • Less environmental impact
  • Reduces the formation of sludge
  • A cleaner tank
  • A more efficient heating system

We offer both kerosene products to give customers a real choice in their boiler operations.

Yes, online heating oil orders have to be paid for in full. Remember, you will only pay for the fuel we deliver so it doesn’t matter if you overestimate what you need when you order from us. Any overpayments are refunded automatically to your account. See terms and conditions for more information.

If you aren’t completely sure about how much heating oil to order, or want to make sure you are getting value for money, email our friendly customer services team at or use the online contact form.

Delivery help

No, when ordering you can specify a different address from your home address.

The vast majority of properties can be delivered to by a standard tanker (6 wheeler).

If you know your property is difficult to access with large vehicles, request a small tanker
(4 wheeler) on your quote.

We quote delivery windows of: 1 day, 2-5 days or 6 days +

Depending on when you order some or all of these options will be available.

If you opt for delivery 6+ days, your fuel will arrive within 10 working days (excluding weekends). Sometimes this may be quicker than quoted, however ice and snow on the roads could result in delays.

Book the most appropriate delivery window to ensure you won’t run out of fuel, i.e. if you are running low, go for a quicker window.

Please note days refer to working days and exclude weekends and bank holidays.

One day delivery will be delivered on the next working day if ordered before 12 midday.


Contact the supplier, who may be able to bring forward your delivery. However during busy times of the year, suppliers may be unable to reschedule at short notice.

The only way you can be sure is to place a new order with an earlier due by date, and cancel your last one.

If you are unsure when you may run out of oil, we recommend you play it safe by selecting a shorter delivery window.

If you have any queries, contact us so that we can investigate. You should have your confirmation email to hand when you call in to our team.

While we always endeavour to deliver your heating oil by the date quoted to you, there are occasions where this may not be possible. We will always try to notify you in advance if such a situation occurs.


As long as the driver has safe access to the tank, you don’t need to be at the property.

All our deliveries are metered, so we can leave you proof of how much oil we have dispensed. Our meters are regularly checked by Trading Standards for extra peace of mind.

Yes, we can deliver to an offset fill as long as:

  • The driver can safely access the tank prior to and during the delivery
  • Your tank is in good condition
  • There are means in place for the driver to ascertain safe ullage*
  • There is a gauge in place at the fill point to allow the driver to monitor the level of fuel in the tank during delivery

* haulage is the available capacity remaining within the tank. This is calculated by subtracting the amount of remaining fuel from a tanks safe maximum capacity.

No we will not take delivery hoses through homes and living space. This includes garages converted to living space i.e. containing white goods.

If no alternative access to the fill point is available, consult your tank provider for further options

A delivery will only take place to a tank that is designed for the storage of oil products and is in good condition.

We can deliver to an IBC tank as long as it is in good condition, the cage is intact and it is sited on firm ground.

If upon arrival the delivery driver considers the tank unsafe or not fit for purpose, the delivery will not be completed.

In the unlikely event that we deliver the incorrect quantity of oil to you, any under delivery will be refunded (see terms and conditions for more information).

There are no admin fees, so you only pay for what gets put in your tank.

Heating Oil Prices

Heating is often something that we take for granted – at least until the time comes to place an order. Only then do we have questions, especially when it comes to the prices.

We thought we’d answer a few of those that we’re most commonly asked.

There are a huge number of external factors that impact on the price of heating oil. Most of these are beyond our control and are fixed between the oil producers. Prices fall and rise depending on the value of crude oil, which in turn is dictated by supply and demand. As the prices are changeable, we can’t give you any definite figures on where it is at this precise minute. However, we quote our lowest possible prices when you get in touch.

Crude oil is the name for unprocessed fuel. Both kerosene and gas oil are crude oil products so if the cost of crude changes, then heating oil prices normally follow. It’s hard to predict crude oil prices – again, this depends on supply and demand. For the past couple of years, producers have pumped more oil than is needed, resulting in a surplus. With supply outstripping demand, the prices are lowered. In these situations, however, the production can be cut to create demand – though it would push prices back up. It simply can’t be forecast very easily.

If we’re talking about demand in the UK, then you’re looking at the peak periods when people use oil – namely in the colder months. More people heat their homes in winter, so historically this is when heating oil prices are at their highest. Heating oil can keep for a long time, and we recommend that customers buy their supplies early, provided they have a safe storage facility.

Our drivers try to make their deliveries as efficiently as possible – it’s kinder for the environment if your drop off is part of a planned route, rather than a one-off. Quick turnarounds mean creating routes that are uneconomic, causing the increase in cost. Hence, the longer you can wait for your heating oil delivery, the more economic (and environmentally friendly) the drivers’ routes will be.

Yes, your quote will be for the price per litre including VAT. This stands at five per cent for domestic heating oil as at the current date.


Yes, we use Realex to process your payments. Realex is independently verified and complies with the latest Payment Card Industry standards.

As an additional failsafe we also use Mastercard SecureCode and Verified by Visa. Both ask for a password you have generated before allowing a transaction.

We accept Visa Debit, Visa Credit, Visa Electron, Switch and Mastercard.

Your card is charged when you place your order.

Oil Tank Safety

Take a look at your tank and it’s surroundings once a week. You’re looking for signs of corrosion or damage. If you see dark patches of soil, dying vegetation or smell an unusual odour it could indicate a leak.

Do you know where your shutoff valve is? It’s worthwhile finding out, so you can shut off your supply in an emergency.

When you’re getting your annual boiler service ask for a tank inspection too. OFTEC recommend that you get your tank inspected once a year.

Unfortunately, fuel theft is becoming increasingly common. To prevent this from happening, you can add the following:

  • Tank lock (particularly one that can’t be cut with boltcutters)
  • Tank level gauge
  • Motion sensing security lights
  • CCTV

Did you know that most household insurance doesn’t cover heating oil tanks? The Environmental Agency recommends every heating oil customer takes out insurance to cover their oil tank.

When you’re comparing policies, make sure yours covers:

  • Loss of oil
  • Environmental cleanup
  • Cost of cleanup on your property
  • Enough liability to pay for cleanup of neighbouring land

Firstly stop it spreading further by turning off your shutoff valve and contacting your local heating oil supplier or tank manufacturer.

Small spill: Rubbing soap on a small crack can temporarily seal the crack while you deal with the spill. Clay based sealing putty can also seal the crack.

If you have a spill kit then they can help you deal with it. If not and the spill has occurred on a hard, non-porous surface (like asphalt) then use dry cloths and kitty litter.

Once the majority of the oil has been absorbed, use gloves and a shovel and put the material in a sealed bin bag.

Professional advice: The Environment Agency and your insurance company will advise you on the best course of action for the clean-up.

If your plastic tank has a hole or crack then you will normally need a new tank. has teamed up with some of the biggest tank suppliers, so why not ask for a quote for your next tank online. It’s simple!

  • Don’t use naked flames, smoke or create sparks near your tank, even when it’s not in use
  • Don’t inhale the fumes when inspecting or checking a tank
  • If you come into contact with oil, wash your skin or clothing immediately
  • Never check the contents of your tank by hitting or rocking it
  • For more information, OFTEC have produced a helpful PDF on oil tanks. Keep up to date with the latest advice on our blog

Refunds & Cancellations

Please contact us as soon as possible at least two working days before the final scheduled delivery date. We will then cancel your order.

Once your order is cancelled, your card will be refunded automatically. do not charge admin fees.

To change your order, please contact us as soon as possible on 0345 604 7465 (lines open 8.30am – 5.00pm Monday – Friday).

Usually the only reason for under-delivering is an over-estimation of oil required. You will be left with a receipt telling you the amount delivered and any reason for under-delivery.

Please read Terms and Conditions for refund details. will refund straight to the card you used to purchase oil.

Please refer to out T&C’s by clicking here.


It’s always good to try and reduce your impact on the environment wherever you can. If you’re living off grid and using heating oil, that could mean using more efficient ‘premium’ fuels or using smart fuel monitors to manage your usage. Beyond that though, for many homes there is currently no single solution.

That’s why we offer our Carbon Offset option as an easy way to do your bit. Carbon offsetting is recognised as a legitimate route to compensating for the impact that your heating oil has on the environment, whilst longer term innovations are in development.

Nope – it’s still the same top-quality kerosene, or our premium fuel, Glowmax. You’re simply choosing to invest in carbon-reducing projects around the world when you order it.

Heating Oil Carbon Offset costs just 2.50p per litre of heating oil. For the average heating oil order, this works out at around £20**. And it goes to carbon-reducing projects around the world. A small contribution can make a big difference.
**2.50p per litre correct at time of going to print 14/01/22. £20 based on an order of 800 litres of fuel.

No, it’s the same cost to carbon offset your order, whether you order our standard kerosene or our premium kerosene.

Carbon Offset is available on all domestic heating oil orders with Certas Energy. However, Certas Energy has a minimum order size of 500 litres.

You need to tell us each time you place an order if you’d like to carbon offset your emissions. We’re not able to carbon offset emissions from your previous orders.

We partner with a company called Carbon Footprint Ltd, who manage a variety of verified worldwide offset projects on our behalf . You won’t be able to select your funds to go to a specific project. Instead, you’ll be contributing to one of a number of projects within our portfolio. This allows us to ensure that we’re only contributing to global carbon offset projects that meet strict international standards and drive positive change.

At the moment we have three global projects and one UK project in our portfolio. Importantly, we only source from projects that meet the strictest international standards, and which contribute to the UN sustainable Development Goals we support.

Carbon offsets are calculated using emissions factors provided by the UK Government. CO2e is a metric which converts the impact of all greenhouse gases into an equivalent amount of carbon dioxide with the same global warming risk. All liquid fuels have a CO2e conversion factor.

When you carbon offset your fuel order with us, we look after those details for you.

The terms ‘Carbon Neutral’ and ‘Net Zero’ are often used interchangeably, and typically mean the same thing. Net Zero is the sum of the Greenhouse Gas Emissions put into the atmosphere minus those that are removed, to equal zero.

When you carbon offset your fuel order, you’re compensating for the emissions that your fuel will put into the atmosphere.

In 2019, the UK became the first major economy to pass laws for bringing all Greenhouse Gas emissions to Net Zero by 2050.

Absolutely. We’re proud to say that we’ve partnered with Carbon Footprint Ltd since 2019, calculating the carbon emissions from our operations and offsetting them in the same way.

*We’ll estimate your carbon offset contribution based on the size of your order and add it to your final bill. Your contribution will go to Carbon Footprint Ltd who invest it in global projects to offset your emissions. Each of their projects is independently certified to meet the VCS (Verified Carbon Standard) or Gold Standard – the globally recognised benchmarks for carbon reduction. They are audited on an annual basis which includes checking they have funded the right amount of carbon savings in the projects we are supporting around the world. **Price correct at the time of writing (14th January 2022)