Premium Kerosene

If you’re in the market for a fresh energy source that will save you money, look no further. While standard kerosene oil has been used since the 19th century, premium kerosene is a much newer heating product that burns more cleanly, lasts longer and can even give your boiler a boost.

Premium Kerosene

What is Premium Kerosene?

Premium kerosene is made in much the same way as standard kerosene. Premium kerosene has specialist additives applied and these additives mean that carbon and sludge build up in your tank is reduced. By optimising the performance of your heating oil tank with premium kerosene, you are ensuring that your tank and your fuel perform more efficiently. In summer months, when you may use less heating oil, contaminants and bugs can build up in your tank. Using a heating oil like premium kerosene reduces the impact of this, and its efficient burn time makes it a cost effective option.

The Price of Premium Kerosene

Premium kerosene may be more expensive than standard kerosene when you make your initial purchase. Whilst standard kerosene may offer cheaper prices, the benefits of premium kerosene mean that over time, the fuel efficiency of premium kerosene will balance out the price difference. What’s more, with premium kerosene being better for your oil tank, your boiler and your oil fired appliances like your oven, the risk of expensive repairs or replacing contaminated heating oil is greatly reduced.

Premium Kerosene FAQs

We deliver premium kerosene to homes throughout England and Wales. No matter what part of the UK you are in, we can get your premium kerosene order to you safely and conveniently. We have different sized tankers to access tricky spots; just let us know when you place your order so we can make sure we get to you.

Premium kerosene benefits from additives which help to increase its efficiency and, in turn, can prolong the life of your heating oil tanks and boilers. Premium kerosene is more expensive than standard kerosene at first but burns more efficiently so is likely to last longer. Both heating oils are great choices when looking for a cost effective, clean burning fuel.

How long premium kerosene lasts will largely depend on how much you use your heating oil. Homes who use premium kerosene for their cooker as well as for their central heating will use more heating oil than homes who solely use it for kerosene. Similarly, homes with more people will also use more kerosene. As kerosene stays fresher for longer, it can easily be bought in bulk and stored for use when you need more of it during the winter months.

Premium kerosene has many benefits. With no vapour, it’s a completely safe fuel and burns cleanly making it much more environmentally friendly. Premium kerosene acts to reduce the build of carbon and sludge in your tank, prolonging the life of your tank and saving you money on repairs or replacements. The long term cost advantages of premium kerosene make it a valuable and worthwhile fuel for oil-heated homes.

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