Heating Oil delivery for the South West

Our wide network of local distribution depots means that costs can be kept low, deliveries can be made quickly for total peace of mind. Simply click on the dropdown menu arrow above and select your region.

South West


Heating Oil South West FAQ

If you are looking for kerosene or premium kerosene to heat your home, you can order from heatingoil.co.uk. We monitor market trends to offer the best prices all year round, and have access to a large-scale distribution network to ensure we can deliver to any home in the South West of England.

Both kerosene and premium kerosene produce more British Thermal Units (BTUs) than other energy sources. This means that a smaller quantity will produce the same amount of heat, making it a cost effective solution for those homes with who are off grid and use oil fired heating systems.

When you place your order, we will discuss delivery arrangements with you and work together to organise a delivery schedule that works around your lifestyle. We deliver Monday to Friday and for added convenience can top up your heating oil even if you aren’t at home, providing there is clear access to your heating oil tank.

The price of heating oil changes rapidly. This fluctuation in price makes it difficult to set standard prices. Ordering in larger quantities can mean you cut down on delivery costs. It can also be worthwhile ordering in large quantities when prices are typically lower, like in summer, and then storing your heating oil until you need it.