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What do we sell?


We deliver three types of fuel across England and Wales – kerosene, premium kerosene and gas oil. Find out more about each product by clicking the relevant image below.



  • Tried and tested through generations
  • Burns clearnly and safely
  • Creates a considerable amount of heat
  • Also known as 28 second oil or C2 kero

Gas Oil

  • A cost effective fuel source
  • Efficient and safe
  • Ideal in older domestic systems
  • Also known as red diesel or 35 second oil

Premium Kerosene

  • Reduces build-up of sludge and carbon
  • Burns cleanly
  • Lasts longer than standard kerosene
  • Environmentally friendly


Safe for you

Using any of the products we sell in your home heating system is a safe and efficient way to keep those within your home toasty and warm.

Kerosene and premium kerosene in particular, are two of the safest fuel types you can use – something that’s attributed to the fact that neither produce a strong vapour. As a product, kerosene is our most popular, with a high percentage of the UK’s 1.1 million oil-heated homes opting for this low risk, efficient fuel source.

Safe for the environment


As well as being safe for both you and your wallet, using kerosene or gas oil to heat your home is safe for the environment too – due in part to the fact that both fuel sources produce far less in terms of fumes2-Safety_Environment than traditional fuel sources, such as wood or coal.

One way to protect your home and local area is by investing in a tank that’s specifically designed to house your desired fuel type. To find out more, be sure to read about the specific requirements of each fuel source on our designated kerosene, premium kerosene and gas oil pages.

Safe for your wallet


Not only do we offer quick online ordering and the largest distribution network in England and Wales, our offers also help you get the right deal, 3-Safety_Walletat the right price, when you need it most.

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