Premium Heating Oil: Is it Worth it?

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You may have already considered upgrading to premium kerosene and decided against it because of the higher price tag. But did you know you could be missing out on a host of benefits, including making your money go further in the long run?

What Are the Differences Between Standard and Premium Kerosene Heating Oil?

Unlike standard heating oil, premium contains fuel additives. The additives in premium kerosene allow it to burn more cleanly and therefore achieve greater fuel efficiency.

If you have an aga or rayburn stove, you may need particular extra additives as well. If you need advice, our expert team can recommend the most suitable options for you.

What Are the Benefits of Premium Kerosene?

Works With Your Current System

Upgrading to premium kerosene doesn’t mean you have to upgrade your entire heating system. You can make the switch at any time, with no need to install a new boiler or drain the existing fuel in the tank.

Increases Oil Boiler Efficiency

The additives in premium kerosene help your system to work more efficiently, which means you could use less over time. Not only could it save you money, it also lowers the amount of carbon dioxide produced by combustion. Lower carbon dioxide means it is a kinder option for the environment.

For more tips on improving oil boiler efficiency, read our helpful guide.

Helps to Prevent Sludge Build Up

When you choose premium heating oil, you will also avoid deposit and sludge build up. An unwanted build up can result in partially blocked burners, clogged pipes and dirty heat exchangers.

Extends the Shelf Life of Heating Fuel

The additives in premium kerosene helps to extend the shelf life of your fuel by keeping it fresher for longer. This means you get the most from your fuel regardless of whether it’s the first drop out of the tank or the last.

You can find out more about how long your heating oil should last in our helpful blog post.

Improves Combustion

The additives in premium heating oil improve its combustibility, resulting in a cleaner and more complete burn. This helps prevent the build up of carbon deposits, reduces soot and residue formation and also means less smoke.

Reduces the Risk of Oil Boiler Breakdowns

The benefits provided by additives mean you can expect fewer unexpected oil boiler breakdowns. As a knock-on effect you can enjoy significant long-term savings on maintenance issues and servicing expenses.

That said, you should still arrange an annual oil boiler service to ensure everything is in good working order.

Lowers Emissions for a Cleaner, Greener Fuel

Because your fuel remains fresher, it maintains the efficiency of your oil boiler which means it burns less fuel. High quality fuel additives will help your oil boiler produce less carbon dioxide than standard kerosene. This makes it the more environmentally friendly choice of the two.

So, is Premium Heating Oil Better for Your Pocket?

Depending on your needs, standard kerosene may still be the right choice for you. However, the many benefits offered by high quality additives could make choosing to buy premium a very smart decision.

If you’d like to discuss our heating oil options available, get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.