Delivering your heating oil order is the most important part of your transaction with us.

You can choose from a number of different delivery options. Shorter delivery dates are more expensive, so if you can wait, it will be cheaper. You will only pay for the amount of fuel we deliver so, don’t worry if you overestimate your tanks needs.

What you can expect

Delivery dates refer to working days so you will need to take this into consideration at weekends and bank holidays.

We endeavour to stick to the dates we have quoted, however this could change:

  • In snow and ice if you can’t get out, neither can we!
  • Before Christmas this is peak buying season. More customers = longer delivery times.

Types of delivery vehicles

A standard tanker is a 6 wheeled vehicle, which can reach most properties.

You might need a small (4 wheel) tanker if your property is:

  • On a narrow lane
  • Has restricted access
  • Has a weak or narrow bridge on the approach

If in doubt call us on 0345 604 7465.

We quote delivery windows of: 1 day, 2-5 days or 6 days +

Depending on when you order some or all of these options will be available.

If you opt for delivery 6+ days, your fuel will arrive within 10 working days (excluding weekends). Sometimes this may be quicker than quoted, however ice and snow on the roads could result in delays.

Book the most appropriate delivery window to ensure you won’t run out of fuel, i.e. if you are running low, go for a quicker window.

Please note days refer to working days and exclude weekends and bank holidays.

One day delivery will be delivered on the next working day if ordered before 12 midday.

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