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No, when ordering you can specify a different address from your home address.

The vast majority of properties can be delivered to by a standard tanker (6 wheeler).

If you know your property is difficult to access with large vehicles, request a small tanker
(4 wheeler) on your quote.

We quote delivery windows of: 1 day, 2-5 days or 6 days +

Depending on when you order some or all of these options will be available.

If you opt for delivery 6+ days, your fuel will arrive within 10 working days (excluding weekends). Sometimes this may be quicker than quoted, however ice and snow on the roads could result in delays.

Book the most appropriate delivery window to ensure you won’t run out of fuel, i.e. if you are running low, go for a quicker window.

Please note days refer to working days and exclude weekends and bank holidays.

One day delivery will be delivered on the next working day if ordered before 12 midday.

Contact the supplier, who may be able to bring forward your delivery. However during busy times of the year, suppliers may be unable to reschedule at short notice.

The only way you can be sure is to place a new order with an earlier due by date, and cancel your last one.

If you are unsure when you may run out of oil, we recommend you play it safe by selecting a shorter delivery window.

If you have any queries, contact us so that we can investigate. You should have your confirmation email to hand when you call in to our team.

While we always endeavour to deliver your heating oil by the date quoted to you, there are occasions where this may not be possible. We will always try to notify you in advance if such a situation occurs.

As long as the driver has safe access to the tank, you don’t need to be at the property.

All our deliveries are metered, so we can leave you proof of how much oil we have dispensed. Our meters are regularly checked by Trading Standards for extra peace of mind.

Yes, we can deliver to an offset fill as long as:

  • The driver can safely access the tank prior to and during the delivery
  • Your tank is in good condition
  • There are means in place for the driver to ascertain safe ullage*
  • There is a gauge in place at the fill point to allow the driver to monitor the level of fuel in the tank during delivery

* haulage is the available capacity remaining within the tank. This is calculated by subtracting the amount of remaining fuel from a tanks safe maximum capacity.

No we will not take delivery hoses through homes and living space. This includes garages converted to living space i.e. containing white goods.

If no alternative access to the fill point is available, consult your tank provider for further options

A delivery will only take place to a tank that is designed for the storage of oil products and is in good condition.

We can deliver to an IBC tank as long as it is in good condition, the cage is intact and it is sited on firm ground.

If upon arrival the delivery driver considers the tank unsafe or not fit for purpose, the delivery will not be completed.

In the unlikely event that we deliver the incorrect quantity of oil to you, any under delivery will be refunded (see terms and conditions for more information).

There are no admin fees, so you only pay for what gets put in your tank.

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