Boiler Servicing

There aren’t many things in our homes that we miss more when they stop working than central heating and hot water. It always seems to happen in the winter too, at the time when you’re the most reliant on them for comfort.

That’s why you should always ensure your boiler is in top working condition. Don’t wait until something goes wrong; prevent the problems from happening by having your boiler regularly serviced by

Why do boilers break down?

Boilers lose efficiency over time; increasing the amount of fuel you need to burn in order to produce the same amount of heat. This is caused by a number of factors, one of which is the build-up of sludge as a by-product of the burning process.

Another potential issue is the possibility of your boiler leaking poisonous carbon monoxide. This is an odourless gas that’ll be hard for you to detect, so it’s imperative you get your boiler looked at regularly by a professional.

Getting boilers serviced

When we service your boiler we give it a full inspection to make sure every part of it is working properly. It will be tested for gas pressure and any leaks or corrosion, and fully cleaned if necessary. has joined forces with its sister company Certas Energy to offer oil boiler servicing, provided by OFTEC registered engineers.

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