Heating Oil Prices

How much is heating oil?

With heating oil prices changing almost daily, there is never a standard price for heating oil. The price of kerosene is affected by many different factors, and these all contribute to fluctuations in the cost of heating oil. We use our buying power to make sure we get the best current price for kerosene and premium kerosene so that we can always pass on a great deal to our customers.


Heating oil prices tend to be the same across much of the UK. With our extensive distribution and delivery network, we work hard to bring you up to-the-minute heating oil prices wherever you are, and always make sure you get a fair deal on your local heating oil deliveries.


Our heating oil prices are consistent and fair. We don’t overcharge, but make sure we supply the highest quality heating oil at the best price. When you order with us you get reliable deliveries and long lasting, efficient fuel that offers value for money every time.

A great deal 

We check the heating oil market regularly and analyse trends and patterns to help us predict when and how heating oil prices might change. This is so we can be sure we’re offering the best possible price and giving our customers a great deal every time.

Heating Oil Prices FAQ

There are a huge number of external factors that impact the price of heating oil. Many of these are beyond our control and are fixed between the oil producers. Prices rise and fall depending on the value of crude oil, which is closely linked to supply and demand. With prices being so changeable, we aren’t able to provide definite figures on where it is at this exact minute. However, when you get in touch we always quote our lowest possible prices.

Crude oil is the name for unprocessed fuel. Kerosene is a crude oil product so, if the cost of crude oil changes, heating oil prices normally follow. It’s hard to predict crude oil prices as this often depends on supply and demand. For the past couple of years, producers have pumped more oil than is needed, resulting in a surplus. With supply outstripping demand, the prices are lowered. In these situations, however, the production can be cut to create demand – though it would push prices back up. It simply can’t be forecast very easily.

There are no hard and fast rules for getting cheaper heating oil. Typically, demand for heating oil is much higher in winter. This demand can push prices up. As kerosene and premium kerosene can be stored safely for long periods, it can pay to place your order in summer when demand is lower.

There are approximately 4 million households in the UK that are off grid. That’s a lot of homes who could be using heating oil. Though demand for heating oil may be higher in some rural areas, this rarely alters the price. If there are several homes near you that use heating oil, you could consider buying together in bulk to make savings that way.

When you buy a bulk order of heating oil, you immediately save on the delivery costs, as you are only having one delivery. As long as you have a tank capable of safely storing large amounts, you could order a big one-off order to cut down on your heating oil costs.

Yes it does. Your quote will be for the price per litre including VAT. This currently stands at five percent for domestic heating oil.