How to Get the Cheapest Heating Oil Prices

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Heating oil prices tend to fluctuate throughout the year, showing regional variations across the UK. Fuel prices are influenced by multiple factors such as weather conditions and supply and demand.

When it comes to heating oil, prioritising quality and expertise over the cheapest prices is crucial. However, we understand that homeowners are constantly seeking the best deals, particularly during the current cost of living crisis. To assist you in securing the best deals, we’ve created this comprehensive guide.

4 tips to secure the cheapest heating oil prices in your area

1. Time your purchases

Keep an eye on the market trends and try to time your heating oil purchases strategically. Prices can fluctuate throughout the year based on factors such as seasonal demand and global oil prices. Typically, heating oil prices tend to be lower during the off-peak season when demand is lower. So although it might sound counterintuitive, consider buying in the summer or early Autumn when prices may be more favourable.

Remember: purchasing oil at the last minute requires emergency deliveries which usually cost around 10% more. Therefore, refilling your oil tank in advance during the summer can be an effective way to avoid the additional cost. As an added bonus, reduced demand will result in faster home heating oil deliveries too.

2. Buy in bulk for bigger savings

While not guaranteed, typically, the larger the quantity of oil you purchase, the greater the discount you can receive. Consider either purchasing oil in advance for the year, teaming up with a nearby neighbour, or becoming a member of an oil-buying group.

By purchasing in bulk, you can save a significant amount of money in the long run. Being a member of a group will most likely give you the lowest fuel price. What’s more, many heating oil suppliers offer discounts for bulk purchases, so it’s worth asking about this option.

3. Stay loyal to your provider

Building a long-term relationship with a reliable heating oil supplier can have its benefits. Many providers offer discounts or loyalty schemes to regular customers. By staying loyal, you can often secure the cheapest heating oil prices and enjoy reliable service from a provider you know and trust.

4. Shop around and compare prices

Comparing prices is one of the best ways to find the cheapest heating oil prices in your area. Online tools allow you to compare prices from different providers and find the best deal, saving you time and money. It’s important to also consider factors such as delivery charges, minimum order amounts, and payment methods when comparing costs.

You can use our free tool to receive an instant quote for cheap heating oil prices in your area.

Should I buy heating oil now or wait?

Timing is key when it comes to finding the cheapest heating oil prices. While buying off-season can be a good strategy, it’s important to keep an eye on the market throughout the year and make a decision based on current prices. If prices are particularly high, it may be worth waiting for a price drop before making a purchase.

It’s also worth noting that once you’ve secured your fuel supply, it’s essential to prioritise regular boiler maintenance to prolong the lifespan of your heating system. Learn more about how to save money on your heating bill.

Key takeaway

Securing the cheapest heating oil prices requires a little bit of research and planning. Remember to factor in delivery charges and other costs when comparing prices, and always choose a reliable provider with a good reputation.

At, we offer competitive fuel prices throughout the year. Our knowledgeable team can supply you with a competitive quote and provide guidance on proper tank storage and protection.

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